Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The early leader in campaign silly season

People ask me what my degree is useful for. I say "generally not much." Every time election season hits us my Master's Degree in political studies gets dusted off and become a go to guy for details of the intricacies of MMP or a supposed educated opinion on who to vote for - my grandmother called me asking for instruction about 2 weeks back.

One of my personal favourite tasks is taking my other passion - advertising, and assessing the merits of the various parties campaigns. So far we've seen the major parties regurgitation the same old visual pollution - "Labour, Pillay, Tick, Tick" "National Key Blah Blah." etc etc It astounds me that these parties feel that's still relevant in 2008 ... oh yeah, John Key and Helen Clark both have Facebook pages. edgy. relevant. I think not.

For me the only party who is actually trying to communicate an idea with their billboards (I'm not going to get into a policy discussion here) are the Greens with their beautiful "Vote for me" campaign. They deserve some congratulations.

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valrossie said...

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