Thursday, October 30, 2008

Vote for Change

This is a great example of a campaign that utilises the power of the web. The Vote for Change website utilises a number of online word of mouth tools to promote the Obama / Biden Presidential ticket. The site features videos of celebrities endorsing Obama and makes the files available in almost any format and availble to be syndicated to a multitude of social networking tools. Via the site, advocates can distribute and share the videos via iphone, ipod, facebook, myspace, PSP, Google or their very own sites. The creators of this campaign understand that the internet is most powerfully utilised when you create content that can be shared across the platforms that integrate into consumers lives, rather than the antiquated idea of asking their audience to come to them.

Click here for more videos from Vote For Change

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Marketing in a recession

OK, so we've all been told the end is nigh, the sky is falling and we're heading for recession for the foreseeable future. We also know the old adage that the most successful businesses continue to advertise through the tough times. When the raw reality hits of decreasing confidence, needing to pay the bills and your staff, this is easier said than done.

We believe that they key is to advertise smarter, rather than less.

  • Have a strategy for your brand and communications. Ad hoc marketing decisions end up in wastage and substantial cost increases over time
  • Reconsider your media mix
  • Explore online social networking and targeted advertising strategies
  • Try something new. As Einstein put it, insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results
  • Utilise a cost effective communications agency with a coherent and strategic approach to spending your cash
  • Remember that generating word of mouth is the most effective form of communication

Friday, October 24, 2008

Crackerjacks in the New Zealand Herald

A great article in the New Zealand Herald today on our client Crackerjacks and their Managing Director, Tony Wai talking about how their online contracting recruitment site is going to help business save money and time when hiring contractors. The story contributed to a record day (and weekend) for signups on the site.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Sovereign "Leaders in Life" wins Advertising Effectiveness Award

Sovereign's "Leaders in Life" campaign, developed by TBWA/Tequila has won a Bronze Effie at the 2008 Advertising Effectiveness Awards - the only awards that truly matter.

Piero Liguori of The Whisper Shop was involved in much of the early qualitative research and strategic planning of the campaign, we're hoping he got a credit on the award. Congratulations to all involved!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Campaign Silly Season ... American Style

Imagine how much this would have cost if it was your brand and you had to pay the talent.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The early leader in campaign silly season

People ask me what my degree is useful for. I say "generally not much." Every time election season hits us my Master's Degree in political studies gets dusted off and become a go to guy for details of the intricacies of MMP or a supposed educated opinion on who to vote for - my grandmother called me asking for instruction about 2 weeks back.

One of my personal favourite tasks is taking my other passion - advertising, and assessing the merits of the various parties campaigns. So far we've seen the major parties regurgitation the same old visual pollution - "Labour, Pillay, Tick, Tick" "National Key Blah Blah." etc etc It astounds me that these parties feel that's still relevant in 2008 ... oh yeah, John Key and Helen Clark both have Facebook pages. edgy. relevant. I think not.

For me the only party who is actually trying to communicate an idea with their billboards (I'm not going to get into a policy discussion here) are the Greens with their beautiful "Vote for me" campaign. They deserve some congratulations.