Friday, April 25, 2008

Virtual Wall

This is a really interesting concept to increase road safety. Lasers create a "virtual wall," this has to be far more effective that traditional warning signs.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Co-working and shared spaces

The Whisper Shop operate in a bit of a shared space arrangement. As well as our our spaces we have a great co-working relationship with our friends at Catch Design whose office is our de-facto Wellington home away from home. We thought we were a little different in the way we operate, but PSFK have written a great article on the pro's and con's of co-working and office sharing situations. They interviewed agencies listed on Ain't No Disco (which is a simply superb and inspirational site btw) and it appears that our modus operandi is becoming scarily normal.

Friday, April 4, 2008

It's not my fault

Legendary Saatchi's London creative Paul Arden, author of It's Not How Good You Are, Its How Good You Want to Be: The World's Best Selling Book died today due to a heart attack. his book are genius. In tribute, from Commercial Archive here are some thoughts from the man himself.

- Blame no-one, but your self, if you have touched something accept total responsibility for that piece of work. If you accept responsibility you are in the position to do something about it. If you are involved don't blame others.
- Know your clients aims We are trained to think advertising is all about selling products. That is often not the case. The motivation may be quite different. Always find out what a client wants to advertise for.
- Do not covert your ideas Give away everything and more will come back to you. They are not your ideas anyway they are God's.
- When the client wont buy, do it his way, then do it your way Very often having given him what he wants he will give you what you want. There is also the possibility he may be right.
- Do it first, don't ask and be prepared to take the consequences A new idea, is either silly, unfamiliar or both. It cannot be judged by description, it cannot even be judged as a storyboard. It needs to be done to exist. No one will sanction the cost, therefore you have no choice but to do it whatever the cost.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Brands, My Friends Part 1

Brands aren't about form or function. The meaning of a brand is endued in the relationship you have with it. And if brands are inherently relationship based it should come to pass that you'd have friends (and enemies).

So here begins a series where i tell you about the brand-friends I have. Now i'm not just going to tell you about my best friends, but some some casual friends as well. The brands I like to hang out with on a day to day basis.


No surprise hear I guess. The interesting thing is that we are going through a bit of a rocky patch in our relationship ... I call it Leopard. In theory the new operating system is awesome. But I'm finding applications are crashing on a regular basis. Now, i love Apple because they make things easy. Like the ads say, stuff just works. Right now stuff isn't working, but I know they'll get it sorted. They always do. And if, they don't, i get the impression they'll have tried.


The most convenient supermarket to my place is actually a Pak N Save. If i want to buy some cereal, or dishwashing liquid, chips or coke, that'd be the place I go. Apparently it's far cheaper (although i've never really compared). But because they're so cheap I pretty sketchy on their meat and their range seems to be pretty limited. I can't say I love Foodtown, but they always have what i want and i trust the quality of their produce. They're definitely my supermarket of choice. It's comfortable.

Whitaker's Milk Chocolate

I recently got introduced to Whitaker's Milk Chocolate and Dried Apricot. Put the chocolate in your mouth, suck for a while, then add the apricot. Chew. It's amazing. No other chocolate would work so well ... in saying that I've never tried.

More of my favourites coming soon ...