Monday, May 4, 2009

Vanity Googling

In response to this post from Slate I thought I'd Google myself this morning. The majority of results were unsurprisingly related to my own unintentional career personal brand development. However mixed in to that were results from my personal friends' Facebook pages.

As we interact online, we tend to develop persona's to match the media. On Facebook I will talk about my friends, family and display pictures of my home. I have a few blogs that I use to discuss other personal and social interest topics. On Twitter I try to keep content more work-orientated, discussing advertising, social networking and the like. However this morning I used it to talk hip-hop and basketball - my private interests blurring with my professional.

As we move our lives increasingly on-line, how will this effect our personal brands? Will our private lives go on show to our clients?

I'm debating becoming an online schizophrenic and creating a nom de plume to conduct business under.

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