Thursday, April 30, 2009

10a things I think I think about Twitter

I've been on twitter for quite some time now, but until recently my usage was fairly sporadic or client focused. In recent weeks I dived back in. Without doubt there will be more Twitter posts in coming weeks, but I thought I'd share a few thoughts I think that I think (in no particular order).

1. As I begin to type this I am tracking a live discussion at @designchat . What an incredible use for Twitter. It's amazing to see how people use the media to develop advanced uses, I think many more applications such as this will emerge.

1a. I think chats will be an annoyance for my followers who aren't part of the conversation.

2. I think that Twitter will bring out my latent voyeuristic side. I love basketball, so I've started following a bunch of NBA players. Last night Shaquille O'Neal told us what he had for dinner. I feel like a stalker.

2a. I think Twitter is going to change the way I watch basketball. Players I thought I liked (Rashard McCants) seem to be idiots, while players I thought would be idiots (Charlie Villenueva) seem to be intelligent, considered, good guys. Reassuringly, I still think Steve Nash is smart.

3. I think Twitter is great for people with short attention spans.

3a. I think digesting the amount of information provided via Twitter is not for people with short attention spans.

4. I think I just like to follow people because they are informative or entertaining.

4a. I think I should be more informative and entertaining when I Tweet.

5. I think I love it that when a bunch of us were complaining about the new NZ Ford campaign, the global head of Social Media for Ford chimed into the discussion.

5a. I think that it would have been good if the NZ head of social media had chimed in, or anyone from Ford in NZ at all. I think they didn't even know the conversation was taking place.

6. I think Twitter can build your brand in amazing ways.

6a. I also think the Dominos debacle shows it can destroy it.

7. I think Twitter is becoming mainstream

7a. I know that most people I know don't understand it or use it.

8. I think many famous people use Twitter to make them more famous, and I think that unless they use it correctly it'll backfire on them.

8a. I think a lot of people that use Twitter properly will become famous.

9. I think Twitter is about honesty.

9a. I think if you are obviously not being honest, it's ok to pretend (Shout out to @albinoriotman)

10. I think everything I've written here has some merit.

10a. I think I'm going to re-read this in 6 months and realise I had no idea what Twitter will become.

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